Company profile

Since its foundation in 1977, Van Breda has specialised in elderly care. Thanks to our company’s central location in the Netherlands, we are able to help healthcare centres throughout the Netherlands purchase, install and maintain healthcare communication systems quickly and without any issues.

Van Breda combines experience and expertise with an informal and pleasant atmosphere. Since we are always happy to think along with our customers, we are capable of providing customised solutions. Van Breda has its own in-house product development department, which allows us to tailor our products and services to your particular needs.

Our products are characterised by simplicity and user-friendliness. They do not require complicated and time-consuming technical procedures. We can provide healthcare providers with expert advice on what emergency alert system to purchase and how to expand it.

Reforms in the elderly care system have resulted in a demand for ICT solutions that contribute to a more efficient way of working, without compromising the quality of the care provided. Our products meet these requirements and can be applied to existing systems (open standards), regardless of whether they are ‘our’ systems or third-party systems.

We believe there is a future for the application of wireless systems, smart camera technologies (video observation) and several types of apps in the healthcare industry. Therefore, we will be focusing on the development of smart apps which will benefit both your residents and their care providers.

 Our services are based on three basic principles: efficiency, safety and comfort