Albireo concept

The Albireo concept is characterised by its flexibility and functionality.

Multi-functional alarm unit

Albireo is a multi-functional alarm unit which is installed in your residents’ apartments. The system uses various means to send emergency alerts to healthcare professionals, e.g. wireless accessories such as medallion transmitters or motion detectors. Alerts can also be triggered by sound detection. Albireo can easily be scaled up by applying the wireless accessories and features for which you have a licence.

Location indicator

Alerts are not room-dependent. Residents who are not in the room where their alarm is located can still trigger an alert at all times. The closest Albireo will then transmit the alert. The resident’s potential location can then be determined on the basis of the Albireo units present in the building. When a resident presses an alert button, healthcare professionals will be able to see from which place the alert was transmitted.


In addition to providing healthcare-related functionalities, the Albireo concept can be expanded to include domotics (home automation devices) such as the remote control of doors and sunblinds. Thanks to this flexible functionality, Albireo is extremely suited to various target groups (for instance, to patients who suddenly need more care than they used to).


Our Albireo concept can be connected to IP networks and to wireless networks (WiFi). A reliable WiFi network will then form the basis of an all-encompassing solution which is guaranteed to be secure. Albireo is suitable for both new houses and renovated buildings. Since it can be configured in several ways, the units can easily be moved (e.g. because of a house move).

Albireo and accessoires management

You can remotely configure, manage, update and programme your Albireo IP unit. Albireo IP is operated by means of Albireo management software. The accessories belonging to a healthcare organisation will be in a virtual warehouse of our management software, thus allowing you to manage the settings for each individual user’s equipment and accessories quite easily.

Things which are unique about our Albireo concept:

  • Can be connected to both IP networks and wireless networks;
  • Location indicators do not require beacons;
  • The system is scalable;
  • Works with wireless accessories, even third-party accessories;
  • Can be used to operate lights and/or sunblinds. 

Pricing and other information

Would you like to learn more about this concept? Then please do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment and quotation without any obligations. Our account managers will be happy to come and see you at your workplace to tell you what our Albireo concept can do for you, and you are very welcome to come to our showroom for a live demonstration, during which you will be able to test the system for yourself.