Video Incident Observation System version 2.0

To reduce your healthcare professionals’ workload and to increase your clients’ level of comfort and security, we can offer you VIOS 2.0. A video observation system is the best possible addition to your emergency alert system and provides you with highly advanced alert options.




Benefits of VIOS 2.0

Detecting situations

Detecting situations

Reduction in false alarm situations

Reduction in false alarm situations

Images sent directly to your smartphone

Images sent directly to your smartphone

Intelligent image recognition Intelligent image recognition

Intelligent image recognition

To asses if your client needs help, the expertise of your employee is needed. Rather than replacing this form of human thinking, our VIOS 2.0 video observation system assists your employees in making the right decision. The system alerts will be sent to authorised smartphone of the employee.

Purchasing cameras 

Since our VIOS 2.0 video observation system is scalable and movable, you will not have to buy much equipment initially. Your healthcare organisation can install the cameras, or you can choose to let us take care of the placement. You may also choose to have points of connection created in your building now and install cameras later as needed.

Recording scenarios 

You have the expertise to determine which types of situations may pose a hazard to your clients. Using this knowledge, you can record one or more scenarios for each client in the VIOS 2.0 video observation system. If a potentially dangerous situation recorded by you in the system actually occurs, this will trigger an alert.

You can link criteria such as motion and duration in accordance with an If-Then-Else scenario. Think, for instance, of your client leaving the room, entering the toilet or bathroom and the amount of time spent in the toilet or bathroom by the client. If an alert is triggered, you will receive a notification on your smartphone, through the Smart Paging App.

Viewing and assessing images

Your healthcare professionals will be able to view the images associated with the alerts they receive by swiping the screens of their smartphones. They will then be able to assess on the basis of the images whether care must be provided or whether the situation is safe. 

Security of the VIOS 2.0 system

The VIOS 2.0 system is very secure. Authorised employees can only receive real-time images on their smartphones or on a computer screen during situations in which an alert has been triggered. Following an incident, recorded images can only be played back by authorised employees. The play-back function can also be disabled entirely if so desired.

Privacy and efficiency 

The VIOS 2.0 video observation system is a welcome addition to your basic healthcare service plan, both for your healthcare professionals and for your clients. Fewer sleep interruptions during the night will result in your clients feeling better during the day. Healthcare providers will be able to see at a glance what is going on, meaning they will no longer have to do rounds during the night. However, since the system involves a live video stream, it is privacy-sensitive. Your healthcare organisation will have to discuss the use of the system with the clients’ relatives, and you will need their authorisation. We can help you explain to your clients’ relatives why the system is secure and can provide you with some references involving practical cases.


VIOS 2.0 characteristics

Each camera covers several zones

Advanced motion detection

Suited to both IP- and Wi-Fi-controlled cameras

Can be managed from central and non-centralised locations

Several authorisation levels in terms of use and management

Images can be viewed directly on care provider’s smartphone