In connection with your visitor through a live video stream.

Integration with emergency alert system

We offer organisations several types of door intercom systems (with or without video units), integrated with our Albireo concept. The front door intercom can be answered on the Albireo unit and/or on a tablet.

Different versions

In addition to standard door intercom units with doorbells and/or video images, we offer Bellatrix, a robust door videophone equipped with a colour monitor with safety glass and a built-in colour video camera. Visitors can scroll through a list of residents in order to call a specific resident. The advantage of Bellatrix is that many homes can be linked up without requiring much space in a letterbox.

Responding to the doorbell

The Albireo unit allows residents to talk to a visitor and open the front door. In addition to this basic concept, residents will be able to view very realistic and large video images of their visitors using our Eva Videophone App on their tablet. Thanks to the large buttons with which the EVA Videophone App is operated, everyone can now easily respond when a doorbell is pressed, open the door remotely or discreetly refuse to open the door.  Albireo IP provides a hands-free connection for speaking and listening.

In addition, the camera expansion feature of the Smart Paging App can be used to transfer calls to a healthcare provider’s smartphone.

Pricing and more information

Our account managers will be happy to come and see you at your workplace to tell you what our videophone concept can do for your organisation. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation and quotation without any obligations.

EVA App Bellatrix