Wandering detection

More freedom for people suffering from dementia

Automatic control of ‘living circles’ (i.e. zones to which residents have free access) creates more freedom and room to move about for people suffering from dementia. Thanks to the controlled environment, your client’s behaviour will become less restless, which in turn creates a more agreeable living and working environment.

How the system works

Living circles are created by installing loops or beacons near doors, at smart and crucial places in a building. By creating living circles, you will give your clients greater freedom of movement, as they will be able to move about freely inside the building or in the garden without disappearing from view. Where necessary, doors will automatically be opened or closed. A caregiver will be alerted by the Smart Paging App if a patient is about to exit his/her living zone, after which the caregiver can steer the client back to his or her own environment in a natural manner.

Designing the system

The wandering detection concept can be used in both new and renovated buildings. The success of the system depends largely on a well-considered plan and vision on your clients’ freedom of movement. Thanks to our extensive experience of the healthcare industry and the wandering detection concept, we are well placed to help you draw up a wandering detection plan. We will analyse the situation in consultation with you, and will then see how a smart system can be implemented.


Advantages of using a wandering detection system:

Dwaaldetectie Van Breda

  • Greater freedom for people suffering from dementia

  • Greater safety for people suffering from dementia

  • Preventing people suffering from dementia from wandering off

  • Receiving an alert on your smartphone if a client may be about to wander off

  • Closing a door remotely

  • Improved monitoring of your clients

Pricing and other information

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation and/or quotation without obligations.Our account managers will be happy to come and see you at your workplace to tell you what our wandering detection concept can do for you.